eBooks (Flash Based)

System Requirements:
  • A constant Internet connection with speeds of 56kbps or higher
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari web browser
  • Allow cookies (and do not delete cookies during the course duration)
  • Adobe Flash Player (available for free download from Adobe at www.adobe.com)
Software Compatibility: Our proprietary ONLINE eBooks are designed to function in a web browser on a desktop or laptop computer running Windows, Macintosh, or Linux/Unix based Operating Systems.
  • They will not run on any iOS device (iPhone, iPad).
  • They will not run in any e-reader of any brand.
  • They may run on SOME non-Apple tablet computers based on the Android Operating System if the tablet features a web browser with Flash plugin support, however, full functionality and behavior has not been verified on any such device.
  • These online eBooks otherwise will only operate on a desktop/laptop computer that has a web browser with the Adobe Flash plugin installed and enabled.
Our proprietary CD eBooks are designed to function in an included stand-alone Flash player on a desktop or laptop computer.
  • They will only function on desktop/laptop computers running Windows or Macintosh Operating Systems.
  • They will not function on Linux/Unix machines because the CD media does not include the necessary application framework to load and render the books on this platform.

Frequently Asked Questions