Installing ExamView from an Instructor Resource or other Disk - installation

If you are installing ExamView from a disk with more than one software title included please follow the instructions below.

  • Allow the CD auto load or double click on the ‘index.html’ file. (A web browser should then open and load the ‘index.html’ page.)
  • Next, under the ExamVIEW section, click on the Operating System you have to start the ExamVIEW install. Then make sure that all of the options are checked including ‘Questions Banks’.

Note: After the install has completed you can check to make sure the *.bnk files loaded by going to C:\ExamView\Banks\Paradigm_Book_Title

To view a test bank, start by opening the ExamVIEW Test Generator or double clicking on a file in the C:\ExamView\Banks\Paradigm_Book_Title directory.

If the files do not load into the directory C:\ExamView\Banks\Paradigm_Book_Title or there are any other issues or questions please click on Ask us a Question for further assistance.

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