ExamView 8.1 - installation

ExamView 8.1 Mac installation changes

ExamView 8.1 will implement some significant changes for the program on the Mac OS – please see the following notes for details:

1.  ExamView 8.1 will be installed to the Applications – eInstruction folder under ExamView Pro.

2.   If a previous version of EV is already installed both versions will be available on the computer.

One in the Applications>eInstruction folder
And one in the original installation folder (by default ExamView Pro folder on the root)

3.   If Device Manager is installed then both ExamViews will be listed in the DM Menu (It is possible this may change in a later release of Device Manager)

The 8.1 version is listed as ExamView TestManager, TestPlayer, and TestGenerator… (no spaces)
The older version will be listed as ExamView Test Manager, Test Player and Test Generator

4.  Whichever EV version was opened first will set the default location for the files.

For example if 8.1 is installed, a class is setup and a test created with Test Generator the locations for the files will default to Applications>einstruction>ExamView Pro
If an older Publishers version is then installed, then default location of files will still be under Applications>eInstruction
What this means is that if the user goes to use the Publishers Banks they will have to browse to the installed location of the Publisher’s version.
This also works if an older version of EV is installed then the 8.1 version is installed. The default location of the files will still be at the original location. So when creating a test using the new banks from 8.1 the user will need to browse to the new location.

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