SNAP 2007 Login & Account Registration - faqs

You must use Internet Explorer 6 or 7 to run SNAP 2007

If you receive the message “You must use Internet Explorer 6 or 7 to Run SNAP,” then you likely need to switch to Internet Explorer or use the Compatibility View feature in newer versions of Internet Explorer. In order to use Compatibility View, you need to click the icon in the address bar. For further information, please see .

Invalid login, please try again

This message indicates that the user name and/or password is incorrect or is being entered incorrectly. Please verify the user name and password and make sure that the Caps Lock key is not on, (user names and passwords are case sensitive).

  1. If you are linking to SNAP 2007 via a school website, security settings on the computer may interfere with the password submission process.  Please go directly to
  2. Click the “Forgot Your User Name or Password?” link located underneath the User Name and Password area on the SNAP home page. Enter either your user name or your registered email address in the appropriate box. There is no need to enter both. Your login information will then be sent to the email address associated with your account.
  3. If all else fails, contact your instructor to have them relay your user name and reset your password or contact support at

Incorrect SESS key submitted

If you are receiving a SESS Key error when attempting to register or log in to SNAP 2007, the solution is to navigate directly to the SNAP 2007 website (instead of following links from your school’s website) by going directly to

Enrollment key not found

The enrollment key is provided by your instructor. If you receive an “enrollment key not found” message, please verify the enrollment key with your instructor.

Activation code not found or in use

If you receive the message that your activation code is not found, or already in use:

  1. Verify that the code has been entered correctly, and that the Caps Lock key is not on. The activation code consists of 7 or 8 lower-case letters, and is located on the inside front cover of the SNAP 2007 User’s Guide (not the text book).
  2. If you receive the “already in use” message, and you registered for a previous SNAP 2007 account, or purchased a used SNAP 2007 User’s Guide, you will need to purchase a new activation code to complete the registration. Activation codes are only good for a single use and may not be re-used. Contact Customer Service at 1-800-328-1452 to order a new code.
  3. If you purchased a new activation code, and are still receiving the “code not found or in use” error message, please contact Technical Support by emailing your contact information and activation code to

I have more than one course

If you are taking more than one SNAP 2007 course (ex. Word 2007 and Excel 2007) you will be required to setup separate SNAP 2007 accounts for each course. Every account you create will need an enrollment key and an unused activation code. Enrollment keys are provided by the instructor.

I have to re-take a course

If you are required to repeat a course that you’ve already setup a SNAP account for, you cannot re-use an existing login, password, or activation code. You will need to create a new account with an unused activation code and a new enrollment key (provided by your instructor). You will use this new login to access your course.

I enrolled in the wrong course

If you enrolled in the wrong course but with the correct instructor, you should notify your instructor of the issue so that they can move you into your correct course. If you enrolled into the wrong course with the wrong instructor, email your contact information, the current/wrong instructor’s name, and new/correct instructor’s name to Technical Support at

No course information to show

This message may appear for two reasons:

  1. You are logging into a SNAP 2007 account from a previous term and the course has expired. To access a new SNAP course, you will need to create a new SNAP account for that course. If you’ve already created a new SNAP account, then please verify that you’re using the proper login and password for your new account. Your instructor can help verify that information if necessary.
  2. Your SNAP account has been removed from the course and/or section. Please contact your instructor for assistance.

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