SNAP 2007 Instructor Resources - faqs

Where do I find the enrollment/activation key?

The student activation key is found on the inside front cover of the Snap User’s Guide. It consists of 7 or 8 lower-case letters.

The enrollment key is unique to its section. The enrollment key dictates which section the student will be enrolled into when they register their account. If you have not yet created a section, that is the first step. A video illustrating the section creation process may be viewed here. The enrollment key will be generated during section creation.

If you’ve already created a section but do not know its enrollment key, simply log in to Snap and click on the name of the course. On the right hand side of the screen, click on the “sections” link. On the following page, highlight the section in question and click “edit.” It will take you to the section edit page, where you can view and change the enrollment key.

How do I move a student?

If you need to move a student from one course to another:

  1. Log in to snap and click on the name of the course that the student is currently enrolled in.
  2. Click on the “adjuncts and students” link.
  3. Click on “students”.
  4. You will see a list of users in the course on the left. Find the student, click on their name, and then click on the arrow to move them to the “potential users” column on the right.
  5. Click the “snap” link in the top left corner of the screen under the logo. This will return you to your courses screen. Click on the course that the student is moving to.
  6. Repeat steps 2-4, but move the student from the right column (potential users) to the left (existing users). Now you will need to move the student into a section.
  7. Click the “snap” link in the top left corner of the screen under the logo. This will return you to your courses screen. Click on the section the student belongs in.
  8. Click on the “sections” link.
  9. On the following page, highlight the section in question, and click “Add/remove users from section”.
  10. Click on the student name under the right column (potential users) and press the arrow to move them to the left column (existing members).
  11. Click “back to sections”.
  12. Click “OK”.

Can I delete a student attempt on an exam/assessment?

While you cannot delete an attempt that a student has made, you can re-schedule another attempt. Scheduling an activity for a single student is similar to how one is scheduled for a group. The difference is that on the scheduling page you select “student” in the “schedule by” drop-down down box rather than the entire section. Radio boxes will appear with the names of every student enrolled in the section. Select the student(s) name(s) and any other parameters you desire and save the changes at the bottom. Please note that the system counts the first attempt the student made, so for the re-schedule, the number of attempts must be increased by 1.

How do I copy a course?

To copy an existing course to create a new course, complete the following:

  1. Click Copy Course.
  2. Click continue.
  3. In the Full name text box, type the full name of the new course.
  4. In the Short name text box, type the abbreviated name of the new course.
  5. From the Course start date drop-down lists, select the day, month, and year the course will start.
  6. Click continue and your course is created.

How does the Show/Hide feature for scheduling work?

There are two ways to show/hide an activity:

  1. You can show/hide individual activities on the scheduling page.
  2. You can show/hide an entire week of the Syllabus on the Assignments page by using the open/closed ‘eye’ icon in the scheduling view.  NOTE: Option #2 overrides #1.

The effects of using the show/hide feature

  • If either of those two ‘hide’ methods are set it will cause the item to appear hidden for all students.
  • When the Syllabus ‘week’ is hidden, even when the Instructor changes the schedule setting to “Show”, the scheduling page will show “Hide” as long as the syllabus week is hidden.
  • Hidden activities do not display in the grade book

Why do students who did not attempt an item(Exams, Assessments, Tutorials) still show a final grade of an A?

Percentage Letter Grade – any assignments that students have not attempted will default to a “-“ score and will not be counted towards the total grade. In order for the assignments that have not yet been attempted to be calculated with the total grade instructors need to manually assign a point or a fraction of a point so that it will count toward the student’s total grade.

Weighted Letter Grade – the total grade will correct itself because it does count items not attempted.

I changed the Grading Method and the Grade Book is not displaying the correct score based on the new Grading Method

In order to force the database to update to a new grading method when students have already completed exams you must toggle the grading method back and forth to force the correct grade to show.  If you initially set the schedule to grade the First Attempt and then later when scores are populated in the grade book you wish to add attempts and change the method to Highest Grade you may need to change to highest grade and then back to first attempt and then back to highest grade to force the database to update and the grade book to update.

Concept Exam missing “SUBMIT” button for each question:

Edit the schedule for the exam by setting Change Adaptive Mode = Yes.

How do I import ExamView questions into SNAP?

To successfully import ExamVIEW Bank questions, please take the following steps:

1. Open the test in ExamView.

2. Click File, Export, and then click Blackboard 6.0-7.0.

3. Select the folder to save the file to, then save the file.

4. Using the same directory, unzip the files in the archive.

5. Login to SNAP.

6. Choose your course.

7. At the Administration menu, Click Questions.

8. The Custom category appears by default. Click the Import tab.

9. At the File Format list box, click Blackboard (not Blackboard 6+).

10. At the Import from File Upload field, navigate to the directory where you unzipped the archive file, and select the file res00000.dat.

11. Click Upload this file.

At that point, the questions have been loaded into SNAP.

To put the images into the questions that have images, please take the following steps:

1. Click the edit icon for each individual question.

2. Select the placeholder in the question textbox and delete it.

3. Click the Insert Image button.

4. At the Insert Image dialog box, click the Browse button, find the directory holding the image for the question, and select that image.

5. Click Upload.

6. The image now appears in the File browser list box. Put a check in the checkbox next to the image name, and then click the hyperlink of the image title.

7. A SNAP URL appears in the URL text box at the top of the Insert Image dialog box. Copy and paste this URL into the Alternate text box.

8. Click OK.

Can SNAP Grades Be Imported into Blackboard?

To import SNAP grades into Blackboard please follow the steps below:

1. Open the Gradebook in SNAP

2. Click Download in Excel Format

3. Save the file

4. Open in Excel and Click File, Save As, CSV

5. Login to Blackboard

6. Open the Gradebook

7. Click on Import from Spreadsheet

8. Click Browse and select the CSV file

9. Select Comma as the Separator

10. Follow the on-screen prompts

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