SNAP 2007 FAQ - faqs

How do I purchase a SNAP 2007 activation code?

You can purchase a SNAP 2007 Activation Code through our Customer Service Department at 1-800-328-1452 (and press 1) or by email at

Where’s the Enrollment Key?

Instructors provide the Enrollment Keys to their students. The Enrollment Key gets created when the course gets created. If you are getting a message that your Enrollment Key is invalid, make sure you are typing it in correctly.

How do I add another course?

Your SNAP 2007 activation code is only good for 1 course per student. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-328-1452 (and press 1) or email to purchase another code to add an additional course.

What is the Debugging Mode message mean?

We are in process of performing routine server maintenance. Please ignore this message and scroll down to launch your exam/tutorial.

I have grading questions, what do I do?

If your questions are directly related to grading, please first contact your Instructor for help.

What does it mean when the red x keeps spinning?

Please make sure you have completed all of the installation steps on this website –

I’m getting a SNAP Resource Location error?

It sounds like your Snap Resource Location might not be set up properly. Log into Snap, and on the right hand side click on Profile. Click on Manage Snap Resource Location. Make sure that your chosen resource location is set up properly. You should only change your location to a local folder if you have installed the resources on this specific computer. Otherwise, make sure your location is the Internet.

My exam stopped responding?

Please visit and make sure you are meeting the system requirements.

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