SNAP 2007 Exams - faqs

KQ Error Code 1011

Sometimes during a SNAP 2007 Skills Exam, you may receive a Knowledge Quest (KQ) Error Code 1011.  This is attributed to Norton Anti-Virus returning a false-positive in recognizing SNAP as a “threat.”  To fix this, do one of the two items listed below:

  • Disable Norton before running SNAP 2007.
  • Contact Norton Anti-Virus at 1-800-745-6061 to get SNAP added to their safe list.

Getting zero score on my exam

If a student receives a zero score, this is typically because the exam was submitted after the allotted time. If the exam isn’t completed in within the allotted time, SNAP will always record a score of zero, even if the student got some or all of the question right. In this case, the student can ask their instructor open the “0” link and they will be able to see what the student did correctly/incorrectly and manually change the grade.

Exam is not responding

Please make sure the following requirements are met to ensure you don’t run into any further difficulties with your exam.   

1)      You must have a constant internet connection. 

  • Sometimes wireless connections can disconnect which will cause problems with your exam.
  • You may want to connect directly to your router to avoid disconnection issues.

2)      Make sure the exam questions load completely before attempting the exam. 

  • To ensure the questions are loaded before you attempt the exam, click the “View All” button to ensure the status = “Not Seen” next to the question numbers.  (The “View All” button will display every question in the exam and show either “Not Seen” or “Loading…” next to each question.)
    • “Not Seen” = Question is loaded and ready to be attempted. 
    • “Loading…” = Question is not yet loaded and attempting this question will cause the exam to stop responding\freeze. 
    • The “View All” screen does not auto-update, please exit the window and click “View All” again to get the most up-to-date information on which questions are loaded and which are not.

Exam keeps loading but doesn’t launch

If you’ve launched a skills exam or tutorial, but the red Xstream logo continues to spin indefinitely, it could be an indication that your version of Internet Explorer is not compatible with Snap. Snap 2007 is compatible with Internet Explorer Version 7 and 8. Snap 2007 is not compatible with 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer.

To verify your version of Internet Explorer, open Internet Explorer and go to the ‘help’ menu. (It should be located at the top of the page next to the ‘tools’ menu, and may be in the form of a white question mark inside of a blue circle. It may also be accessed by pressing ‘alt+l’ on the keyboard.) Select the ‘about internet explorer’ menu item. A window will appear that displays the current version.

Complete the steps below to setup SNAP for Office 2007 in Internet Explorer 8.

  1. Open Internet Explorer 8.
  2. Click Tools.
  3. Click Compatibility View Settings.
  4. Type in the Add the website text box.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Click Close.

Please make sure that the pop-up blocker is turned off, that ActiveX settings are correct, and that the firewall is not blocking

Error: Running in “secure” mode – occurs only for Concept Exams

The “secure” window tries to provide a little more security for exams (making copying and cheating more difficult) by restricting some of the things that students can do with their browsers.

Secure Mode Enables:

  • Javascript is made a requirement.
  • The exam appears in a new fullscreen window.
  • Some mouse actions on the text are prevented.
  • Some keyboard commands are prevented.

Concept Exam missing “SUBMIT” button for each question:

Edit the schedule for the exam by setting Change Adaptive Mode = Yes.

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