Spin to Win

Solve puzzles by filling in the blank squares with the correct letters. Win chances to guess by spinning the wheel. Available for Our Digital World and Mirrors & Windows.


Spin to Win requires Adobe Flash Player to function. The latest version of Adobe Flash Player can be obtained here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.

Accessing and Playing Spin to Win:

  • Navigate to http://www.emcp.com/irc/ and find your book in the lists provided.
  • After selecting your book, select Games under Resources.
  • Select the Chapter you wish to review and Spin to Win
  • On the new screen that opens, select Play Game
  • Play attention to the text located under “Spin the wheel”, as it gives a hint as to what the answer of the puzzle is.
  • Select Spin.
    • If the wheel lands on a Number, you get to choose a letter.
    • If the wheel lands on a Question Mark, you must correctly answer a Question. Getting it right will allow you to choose a letter. Watch out though, getting it wrong will deduct 10 points.
  • Choose a letter: you now get to choose a letter you believe is in the answer. Correctly choosing a letter that appears in the answer will award you points.
    • If you landed on a number, you will be awarded with “The number of chosen letters in the answer times the number the wheel landed on”.
    • If you landed on a Question Mark, you will be awarded with “The number of chosen letters in the puzzle times 10”.
    • Watch out though, selecting a letter that does not appear in the puzzle will deduct points, either the number you landed on or 10 points if you landed on a Question Mark.
  • Continue playing until the entire puzzle has been solved.
  • Keep playing until all rounds have been completed.

The Spin to Win Game doesn't load or start.

Spin to Win will not play unless you have an audio output device connected. Please connect an audio output device and launch the game again.

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