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Computerized Accounting with Sage 50® teaches all key accounting software skills supported in the Sage 50® software. In addition, it covers the accounting concepts associated with each chapter. Detailed step-by-step explanations followed by hands-on exercises provide students the opportunity to practice using the program features immediately after learning about them. A variety of end-of-chapter exercises help ensure mastery of the key course content.

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Students must register with Sage to receive a serial number. Go to to register as explained on p. xii of the textbook’s preface.  The student registration and download section is located in the center of the page of the page between the Educators and Employers sections. Click the Learn More button to navigate to the student registration page. Clicking on the Register Now button will allow you contact Sage and request a serial number. Once registered, students can download the software from either of two places:
  1. Student resources CD packaged with the textbook
  2. Sage website (under step 2)

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