iOS eBooks

The iOS eBook connects students with the language in and out of the classroom. With a touch of the finger, students access every page as well as all of the audio including vocabulary presentations and dialogues. Students also have all of the video resources at their fingertips, both dialogue videos and continuous storyline videos including El cuarto misterioso, Rendez-vous à Nice! and Treffpunkt Berlin.

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What You Need on Your iPad to View eBooks

iOS eBook Download (Legacy) - Minimum System Requirements

To review System Requirements for the non-legacy iOS eBook App please Click Here.

Before you can begin enjoying your eBook, please read all of the following:

iBook Installation

In order to use your eBook you will need to have the iBooks app installed.

Disable Auto-lock (sleep mode)

To temporarily disable sleep mode go to Settings > General > Auto-lock. Change Auto-lock to Never.

How to register and access your eBook:

1)       Access the Internet on your iPad and navigate your browser to

2)       Enter your eBook Activation Code and tap REDEEM EBOOK.

3)       Start the eBook Download process.  Steps are detailed below.

Downloading and installing the iOS eBook from EMC Publishing

1)      Carefully read through the instructions below. When you are finished, check the box at the bottom of download page labeled "I have read all of the information above and am ready to download." The Begin Download button will appear.

2)      To start your eBook download, tap the BEGIN DOWNLOAD button on the bottom of the eBook download website.


  • Please do not leave the eBook download page or perform any other actions during download.
  • Depending on your connection speed, download times will vary.  Expect up to 15 minutes or more for eBooks with a lot of audio and video content.
  • The address bar will display the progress of your download.
  • When the download completes, you will be prompted to open the file.

3)      When prompted, tap on the Open in “iBooks” button ONLY ONCE.


  • Due to the size of the eBook, please allow 5-10 minutes for the book to automatically open in the iBooks app.
  • This copies your eBook from Safari to iBooks first and then loads the iBook app.
  • The eBook will open automatically when the entire process is complete.

4)      Once your textbook opens in the iBooks app, it is ready for use.

5)      To re-enable Auto-Lock go to Settings > General > Auto-lock. Change Auto-lock to 2 minutes (default) or your desired setting.

I click on Open in "iBooks" and nothing happens.

Please confirm all of the following items and then attempt the download again.
  • Ensure that the iBooks app is already installed on your iPad
  • Temporally disable the Auto-Lock (sleep mode) feature. For more information please see the Installation Guide
  • Ensure that you have 3GB or more of available storage space
  • Only click each button once when completing the eBook installation process
  • Due to all of the rich media content included in the eBook, it may take upwards of 15 minutes to download and to open in the iBooks app. Please allow the iPad time to completely load your book. After the file is copied from Safari into iBooks it will automatically open. Do not click anything or navigate away from the Open in iBooks page. Click or navigating away from the page will interrupt the process.

Transfer eBook to iPad using iTunes

If you need to download the eBook on your computer, you will need to add the eBook to your iTunes Book library and then transfer it to your iPad following the steps below: Configuring iTunes 11 (users with iTunes 10 or lower may skip these steps)
  1. Open iTunes
  2. Press CTRL+S to show the Sidebar
Adding the downloaded eBook to iTunes
  1. Open iTunes
  2. Press CTRL+O to open the Add to Library window
  3. Find, select, and open the downloaded eBook file
This will add the eBook to the Books library shown in the sidebar Transfer ebook from iTunes to iPad
  1. Open iTunes
  2. Connect the iPad to the computer Note that the iPad appears under the Devices header in the Sidebar
  3. Select "Books" under Library in the Sidebar
  4. Drag and drop the desired eBook from the Books library into the iPad listed under the Devices header in the Sidebar
The eBook will be transferred to the iPad and, once finished, will be immediately available in iBooks.