Our Digital World 2-Instructor - installation

Getting Started—Instructor

Instructors download and install the ODW 2e Online Companion AIR application from the Web site http://digitalworld2e.emcp.com. The ODW 2e Online Companion installation utility launched from that Web page guides instructors through the process of installing and registering within the ODW 2e Online Companion. Once the installation is finished, the instructor can access the Online Companion from a desktop icon and does not need to open a Web browser. (There must have be an Internet connection, however.)

The http://digitalworld2e.emcp.com Website allows instructors and students to install the Online Companion desktop application, and for students to register in a course. If an instructor or student returns to the Website after installing the desktop application, the Website will test to see if the application is installed on the computer, and if it is, open it. If the Website does not find the application, it will install it and allow the instructor/student to register or login.

Instructor Access and Use of the ODW 2e Companion Application

Your Sales Representative will create your new Instructor account in the ODW 2e Online Companion.  You will then receive an email with information on installing and using the ODW 2e companion application including your user name and password. Instructors and students are required to install Adobe AIR and the ODW 2e Online Companion application before they can begin using the Online Companion. Take the following steps to set up and use the ODW Online Companion application.

  1. Launch a Web browser (does not have to be Internet Explorer), and go to http://digitalworld2e.emcp.com.
  2. From the ODW website click “Start Here!”.
  3. If Adobe AIR is not present on the computer, click “Yes” to install. If Adobe AIR is present, skip to step 4.
  4. Click “Install” in the Application Install dialog box.
  5. Click “Continue” in the Application Install dialog box.
  6. Click “I Agree” in the Application Install dialog box.
  7. If installing on a Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 machine, click “Continue” in the User Account Control dialog box.
  8. The Our Digital World Online Companion application will place an icon on the desktop and will automatically open.
  9. The browser window used to install the ODW Online Companion can remain open or be closed; it is no longer needed to use the ODW Online Companion. NOTE: End-users must have an Internet connection in order to use the ODW Online Companion.
  10. You may log in to the ODW Online Companion by double-clicking the Our Digital World desktop icon and using the user name and password emailed earlier in the ODW Online Companion log in page.
  11. When the instructor logs in, they will see the Our Digital World course their Sales Rep created. In order for the students to create an account and register in this course, they need two pieces of information. The first is the activation code, supplied with the ODW Activation Code Passcard. The second is the enrollment key, which the instructor finds on the Course Information page, which can be viewed when selecting the Course name.

If the instructor wants to change the enrollment key, click “Change Enrollment Key” and the system will generate a new key. Changing the enrollment key will not affect students already enrolled in the course.

Navigating in the ODW 2e Online Companion is easy. The design concept comes directly from Microsoft’s Outlook application. The content within the ODW 2e Online Companion is directly aligned with the ODW 2e textbook. There are three navigation columns Course, Activity, and Content.

The Content within the ODW 2e Online companion falls into two the category types, CORE and optional. CORE content is labeled as such and is considered the essential content of the Our Digital Word book/digital product. There is a great deal of online content available in the ODW 2e companion application. Encourage the instructor to explore.

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