Guidelines for MS Office 2010 - how-tos

Using the Skills Videos

  1. Click the desired book section and chapter (where applicable) to browse for a video.
  2. Clicking the Skill link will open that video in a new browser window.
  3. While the video is playing, you can pause, rewind, go forward and backward in the video with the controls at the lower-left corner of the video window. The video position slider can also be dragged to navigate to a different position within the video. You can control toggle the volume and Closed Caption text display on/off, turn on/off Closed Caption text display, and open the Table of Contents for the video with the buttons at the lower-right corner of the video window.
  4. You can keep track of your progress in the Table of Contents window by clicking the button next to the slide title.
  5. When the video is complete, close the small video window or click the “Close Window” link below the video player controls to return to the Skills Videos list.

Using the Glossary

The Glossary opens in Terms mode, to browse the list of terms alphabetically. To view a term’s definition, click the term in the blue term list panel. Click letters in the alphabetical list to open or close each letter folder.

To Search the Glossary, click the Search button. As you type a keyword into the search box, the page will update in real time to show the available terms that match. Click any term in the list to view that term’s definition.

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