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What do I do if a resource does not open when I click it?

In most cases, clicking a resource opens that resource in the default application that you have set for your computer to associate with its file type. If a file does not open when you click it, check the default settings on your computer and make sure you have a program set to open the file type. (See the Help feature of your operating system for instructions on setting defaults for your computer.)

  • If you have two or more versions of a program installed on your computer, you may have trouble opening a file even if you have the default set. For example, If you have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader installed and also have Adobe® Acrobat® Standard or Adobe® Acrobat® Pro installed, you may have trouble opening PDFs. Selecting Adobe® Acrobat® Standard or Adobe® Acrobat® Pro as the default handler for PDF files usually resolves the issue.
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® Viewer will sometimes fail to open Microsoft® PowerPoint® files (PPT). The full version of Microsoft® PowerPoint® does not have this issue.

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