Blackboard Course Cartridge - faqs


Import to Blackboard failed. Is there some place to get help for it?

We have instructions for importing the packages into a Blackboard course. The instructions are copied below, but the 2 key points are that you should unzip the file you initially download, as it contains the IMS package file as well as instructor resources. Then the IMS package file is uploaded onto a page as a content item.


The imported packages are added as an item to a content page. This can be done by the course instructor. First, unzip the package you downloaded, you’ll be working with the file that has “” at the end of the filename.

1. Within your Blackboard course, navigate to the course Control Panel

2. Click on Course Documents (or your desired location for the content package)

3. Click Add Item at the top of the page

4. Name the page and the Link to File as desired. Browse for the * file from the downloaded package, and select Unpackage this file as the Special Action. Click Submit.

5. Select index.html as the Package Entry Point on the next page. The index contains links to the other individual pages of the package.

Blackboard Package Import Warnings

Our current Blackboard build vendor builds our Blackboard packages in version 6.x. The current version of Blackboard is 9.1.x. Our endusers using 7.x and above may receive warnings such as those below:

Warning: An error occurred while persisting a tool setting entitled “bb-cntplayer”. The problem is most likely due to a mismatch between the set of Building Blocks installed on the source and destination systems.
For more information, consult the detailed log.

Warning: The user who submitted the Discussion Board posting entitled “Module 0 Chapter 4″ could not be located within the package. Therefore the ownership of the posting is being cleared.

We’ve tested several packages and can confirm that import warnings such as those shown above can be safely ignored.

Is our Windows 7 IMS package compatible with Blackboard 9.1?

We haven’t built anything specific for Blackboard 9, but the Blackboard cartridges we’ve built should be fine for versions 6 and newer.

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